Here we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions about Yoni eggs and how to use them.

How frequently should and can I use the Yoni Egg?

This is very individual and there are no right or wrong answers. Our recommendation is that you listen to yourself and your own body.

It is possible to overwork your vaginal muscles.  As with any workout start out slowly with your yoni egg practice and pay close attention to how your yoni feels. Then working up to a regular routine practice about 15 minutes to 60 minutes every other day. Always listened to what works best for you.

Can the Yoni Egg Get stuck inside of me?

No. It is common to feel that concern but the egg may go as deep as to your cervix and will then find its way back into this canal in a natural way.

If you are experiencing a lot of anxiety and fear surrounding this it could be a good starting point to use a string (unwaxed dental floss without fluoride.) to thread through the predrilled hole. This is for easy removal of Yoni egg.

If you choose to use your eggs without the string, it is good to know that increased anxiety and fear creates tension in the muscles. They tighten and contract as to counter this. Many women experience it’s nice and pleasant to take a hot bath and that it helps them to relax during this process. It may initially take more time for the egg to come out of itself but trust that the egg is doing great healing work that you may be not aware of and it will come out when you relax and when it is ready with the healing work.

Please feel calm if your Yoni egg doesn’t come out when you wish. Feel confident and know that there is no danger.

What size should I start with?

We sell a beautiful set of 3 pieces Yoni egg. This is to ensure you can work your way to the smallest egg and thereby get the most out of your practice. It is most common to start with large and then graduate to the narrow Yoni egg as you become more used to working with your yoni muscles.

Can I use the Yoni Egg while I am on my period?

This is a personal choice. Some women choose to practice with their Yoni Egg during menstruation while other see it as a sacred cleansing time.

However if you decide to use the yoni egg during menstruation you must be extra careful when it comes to hygiene.

Our recommendation is that you don’t leave it in for more than one hour, so the blood can easily leave your body.

I cannot feel my egg inside of me?

This is completely normal. One of the purposes of the Yoni egg is to help you develop your awareness, sensitivity in your yoni. With practice, you will develop more sensitivity

How long will I have to use the Yoni Egg before I see results?

Many women experience results in the yoni muscle after 2-4 weeks. Emotional results can be experienced during the first practice with your Yoni egg. Each woman’s yoni and emotional status are unique and when and how you will experiencing your results will be unique to you.

Can the use of the Yoni Egg improve my sex life?

Most definitely Yes, the vaginal muscles contracts to produce the intense sexual pleasure during the orgasm. Stronger vaginal muscles can, therefore, provide longer lasting and more intense orgasm. Even if you don’t have a partner, many women feel that the self-love and awareness of the body increases, thereby giving them greater sexual pleasure.

Can I use the yoni eggs while I am pregnant?

We recommend asking your health professional about this. This way you can be assured of correct choices that enhance you and your baby’s health. However, many people have had a very good experience when practicing with Yoni egg during pregnancy.

How soon after birth can I start exercise with my Yoni Eggs?

We recommend asking your health professional so you have healed sufficiently before you start using your yoni egg.

Can my yoni egg fall out?

Yes, they can so if you find it embarrassing you can use your yoni egg in an environment where you feel safe.

What if I am menopausal can the yoni egg help?

Yes, often they can. Proper use of your yoni egg keeps muscles from atrophying and the uterus and other organs from sinking. Regular exercise increases blood flow to the pelvic floor which can help with dryness.

Will my partner be able to feel the difference?

Yes, if you do the exercises regularly, your partner should notice the difference. You get a greater control of your vaginal muscles which helps you to control them in your lovemaking.