Yoni eggs after childbirth

After childbirth, many women feel that the vagina is stretched out. The feeling in the vagina can also decrease, which can lead to e.g reduced sexual pleasure. Yoni egg is an amazing tool and with the right training it can help the uterus, pelvis, and vagina to repair itself after you have given birth. When you first start using  your yoni egg after childbirth, even as little as five minutes practice each day will help you strengthen your sexual organs and make a huge difference.

A woman’s vagina are full of neural pathways and with the help of the yoni egg practice, you can actually increase the awareness of this wonderful area in your body which will help to enhance your sensation and sexual pleasure in the most powerful way.

Many women testify how their training with yoni egg after childbirth has brought back their elasticity and sensitivity and even surpass the pre-birth state. Yoni egg is often experienced as a pleasant and relaxing tool for practice when many women experience soreness after childbirth. Native You yoni egg is made of a 100% rose quartz crystal, a natural material you can feel safe to use inside your body.

Additional actions we recommend to regain your sexual organs natural health after birth

Breastfeeding is essential as it helps the uterus to contract and regain its pre-birth state. If you are not able to breastfeed you can stimulate your breast and your nipples each day to help the uterus to contract. If you have scared tissue you can massage the area with a natural organic oil like organic coconut oil. That will help the area to heal. Please make sure to consult your health professional before you start. Overall an healthy balanced lifestyle helps the body to heal itself after birth.

Can I use the yoni egg while I’m pregnant?

Many women have had a very good experience when practicing with yoni egg during pregnancy. Yoni egg can be a great tool to prepare you for childbirth. When you working with yoni eggs during pregnancy it helps train your ”pushing muscles” by pushing out the yoni egg after you are done with your practice. That helps you to get to know these muscles and that can be a great help when its time for the actual birth.

However, we recommend asking your health professional before using yoni egg during pregnancy. This way you can be assured of correct choices that enhance you and your baby’s health.

How soon can I start using my yoni egg after childbirth?

We recommend asking your health professional so you have healed sufficiently before you start using your yoni egg. Most often it is recommended 6-8 weeks after birth.

Purchased NativeYou yoni egg, now what?

Free PDF guidebook to help you get  started
We have created a simple guidebook to help you get started practicing with your yoni egg. The guide consists of information about yoni egg and how you take care of them as well as exercises that are good to start with. Our customers must always feel safe and well cared for. As our customer you can always contact us with questions and concerns. We will be happy to assist you.

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