NativeYou was created to provide you with what we were looking for, namely, authentic yoni eggs of the highest standard, safe to use and the most stunning kegel exercise tool to be found. With our yoni eggs 

Your WHY

Did you find your WHY, or maybe several of them? Well, that’s great if you did.
Knowing your intended outcome may help and inspire you in your practice.
Few things in life are as rewarding as setting up a goal and start working towards it and reap the benefits as you getting closer.
Your WHY has the potential to make you a better version of yourself, just by the mere journey of achieving it.

So, let’s get down to some facts about our eggs.

The eggs
NativeYou yoni eggs are offered as Rose Quartz or genuine Nephrite Jade. More about the crystals below.

The eggs are offered in three sizes
Small: 3x2 cm (1,2x0,8 inches)
Medium: 4x3 cm (1,6x1,2 inches)
Large: 5x3,5 cm (2x1,4 inches)

The variety of sizes helps you choose a suitable stone to work with as you evolve in your practice.

Working with a variety of sizes will tone the muscles differently and stimulate different areas.

For convenient removal of the egg, a string can be attached to the drilled hole of the egg.
For this purpose, we recommend a flour-free dental floss.


There is a wide variety of crystals and each has its own unique properties.


Nephrite Jade
The green beauty with clear intention to bring healing and power into your life.
Nephrite Jade is the most common crystal used as a yoni egg and is also the stone used in the traditional practice. For this reason, “Jade egg” is used unanimously with Yoni egg. So if you read about Jade egg, it can just likely be talking about the crystal jade, as of the practice itself.

Other, less exclusive forms of Jade you can find is Helu Jade, Aventurine or Xiuyan Jade. Typically, these forms of jade have less density and they differ in color from Nephrite Jade.

Rose Quartz
The pink crystal that goes under the name “The Love Stone” a Crystal of unconditional Love. It’s said to carry a strong feminine vibration of compassion and balance, gentleness, and healing support. Working with the rose quartz yoni egg you can send the intent for self-love and utilize its healing properties for forgiveness and unconditional love for yourself and your body.
The stone can help you during your practice to regenerate in a healing session by yourself, raise your consciousness and lure out the sacred feminine inside.

If you seek to yoni egg practice for an opportunity to heal from physical or emotional trauma, rose quartz might be the crystal to consider.

Why women love Rose Quartz yoni eggs

  • Inspires the love towards oneself and others and has, therefore, the capacity to give you a deep sense of personal fulfillment and guide you for a meaningful life.
  • Helps to attract love, romance, and intimacy to your life by clearing the heart chakra. Release emotional wounds, fears, and resentments that may block you to experience and feel real love and reach your creative self.
  • Balancing your energetic field by circulating a divine loving energy throughout your entire body and magnetic field making you feel more balanced and in control throughout your life.
  • It has a beautiful light pink color that relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of real joy.