About yoni eggs

Starting your yoni egg practice is an amazing journey where you as women can explore the healing benefits of the yoni egg and reconnect to your womb and all the sacred power that lies dormant within. Here we have gathered some information about yoni eggs and yoni egg exercise.

The Sanskrit word Yoni is referred to a ”sacred place”. Your womb has since ancient times been referenced as something deeply sacred, something which today is mostly forgotten.

The long history of Yoni egg dates back from Ancient China where it was a sacred and secret kept skill a knowledge only available to members of the royal family. Even back then the eggs were used for the amazing health benefits for both body and soul.

The female womb is the center of health, vitality as well as sexuality. To have a deep and intimate connection with your womb is, therefore, a top priority.

The Yoni egg practice has been associated with both physical and spiritual benefits such as:


Physical benefits

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  • Help strengthen the vaginal muscles after childbirth
  • Helps maintain healthy reproductive organs
  • Provides an enhanced sensitivity by stimulating the g-spot area
  • Tightens and tones the vaginal wall which leads to heightened sexual pleasure for you and your partner
  • Reduces cramping and abdominal pain during the menses
  • Increases the intensively and sensitivity of orgasms
  • Prevent sagging of the uterus, rectum, and bladder which can help incontinence problems
  • Stimulating nerves inside the vagina giving you an increased connection with your yoni
  • Development extraordinary skills for lovemaking by improving your ability to control your love muscle


About yoni eggs – How to get started

Now that you’ve got your yoni egg, it is important that you clean your egg before use. You do this simply by washing the egg with a mild organic soap. Then boil some water. Remove the pan from the heat and let the water cool for 4 minutes. (warning! Egg may crack if placed in boiling water) Now place the egg into the warm water. Let the egg rest there for 10-15 minutes for sterilization. Then lift out the egg gently with a spoon and allow the to egg cool before use.

We recommend
To work on a more spiritual level with your yoni egg we recommend the following.
The yoni eggs are made of crystal. Crystals carry a powerful vibration and energy and can pick up and capture our intentions and prayers. Crystals is therefore a great tool for you to work with on that you wish to heal on a deeper level.

Suggestion on how
Sit somewhere you will not be disturbed and hold your egg in your hands. Focus all your energy into your egg and fill it with the intentions you have for your practice together with your egg. It may be, for example:
– More love for yourself
– Heal yourself from within.
– Awaken your feminine power.

Take your time and feel what is right for you. It´s different for everyone.

About yoni eggs – How to insert the egg

It is important that you are in a relaxed and allowing state when you insert your yoni egg. Start by warming the egg by holding it against your vagina. Put the largest end to the vagina and the smallest end directed away from the body. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to become one with the yoni egg. Let go and trust in its power. Place your egg against the opening of the yoni and let the egg slowly find its way inward. Don’t force it just allow it.

When the egg is inside the vagina take another deep breath and relax. Feel its position and energy and just breath with it. You can, when you feel ready, start to experiment with your pelvic muscles. Contract the muscles to pull upward in the vagina canal. Relax the muscles to bring the egg down. Allow your breath to follow. Inhale when you contract the muscles and breath out when you relax them. This is a good first exercise.

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Exercise with your Yoni egg

How long you practice with your egg at the first time is entirely up to you. Take the time you need and want. Some sleep with he egg inside the vagina overnight while others carry the yoni egg for 20 minutes the first time. Listened to what feels right for you. There is no right or wrong here.

How to remove the egg
If you have a string attached to your yoni egg just relax and pull the string until the egg is out. If you practice without a string there are some different ways to bring out the egg. You can sit in a squat kneeling position and relax the vaginal muscles. This can take some time at the first time and that’s ok. Just breath and relax and trust in yourself and your yoni. Some women prefer to let the egg come out by itself and continues true the day as usual. You can also gently use your fingers to help the egg along.

Wash the yoni egg with mild organic unscented soap after every use.